How Garden helped Japanese Snack Bar and Pastry Shop become a Super Restaurant in iFood in less than 3 months!

Start of journey


At the end of March 2019, Mr. Rogério, owner of Lanchonete e Pastelaria do Japonês, contacted our team to start a Digital Marketing job for his establishment. Rogério was coming out of a sales crisis and wanted more visibility and increased revenue.

We carry out a complete Onboarding with the client, to better understand the situation of your business, sales processes and online positioning. To further optimize what was to come, we performed a benchmarking analysis.


What it is: Benchmarking is a technique that consists in monitoring processes and actions of competitors or not, which are recognized as representatives of best practices. It is a process of continuous research and analysis in which we evaluate products, services and working methods, with the objective of using the strengths and weaknesses of other companies in favor of our client.

How we did it: We usually say that a well-done Benchmarketing is the first step in drawing up a company's strategic planning. For Lanchonete e Pastelaria do Japonês, we did it at 3 different levels of geographic coverage, the first was based on competitors from neighborhoods close to Lanchonete, the second stage was at Ribeirão Preto level, and finally at national level. Our objective was to trace the best path for our client so that he could also become a reference.

What we take into account: In total, more than 100 food service establishments were analyzed, including bars, restaurants and snack bars and we took into account a number of factors, such as:

  • Location

  • Decoration

  • branding

  • Menu

  • Promotions

  • Social Media

  • site

  • food

  • Public

  • Delivery

  • Products

  • Values

  • relationship with customers


​Digital Media

The first immediate improvement that should be made was the way the establishment behaved in digital media.
We revamped visual communication, including attractive images of the products sold by the cafeteria, in addition to abusing the semiotically attractive colors for food establishments (yellow and red).
In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we also included the new images in the Google Meu Negócios file, a well-visited channel by the public at the Cafeteria.

The media also became a quick way for customers to find out about news, promotions, clear up their doubts and place orders.


Screenshot - 2019-07-02T181404.928.png

We adopted some strategies that made all the difference to the results of the ads, we can list the 4 differentiating points that were:

  1. Segmentation by interest of people who used to order food through Ifood and interest in pastries.

  2. Geographical segmentation at a radius close to the Pastelaria, in addition to including some neighborhoods that the customer also saw as an opportunity.

  3. Schedule targeting, leaving ads active only during the establishment's opening hours. To maximize results per click.

  4. Creation of new and relevant offers for the Pastelaria's target audience.

In the image above, you can see some of the results we achieved with the ads on Facebook and Instagram for Pastelaria e Snack-up on Japonês. With a little more than R$100 invested, we got 424 clicks to WhatsApp from people interested in purchasing Combo Mania, a promotion option that Garden developed with Rogério.
In these 3 ads alone, we had a total of 7,231 people who saw the Cafeteria promotions, not counting an engagement with the page of 1,325.







Screenshot - 2019-07-02T181911.995.png

Often, clicks, likes and comments analyzed separately can be called

"Vanity Metrics" do not mean concrete results for the customer. That's why the Garden's team of analysts knew if our work was really generating real results, Rogério allowed access to his panel on Ifood, so that we could monitor the number of orders placed by the platform on a daily basis.

Every day the goal of Becoming a Super Restaurant at Ifood got closer and closer.
From March to June, we had an increase of more than 114% in the number of orders, which has already granted the Japanese Snack Bar and Pastry Shop, in less than 3 months of work with Garden to become a Super Restaurant, with 623 orders in May.
And the growth did not stop there, in addition to orders through Ifood, Rogério also identified a growth in the number of orders made via WhatsApp, which was also one of our goals, as the rate of profit coming from this channel could be much higher, because there are no fees, as is the case with Ifood.

In addition to an improvement in the company's cash, as it is a Super Restaurant, Rogério will be able to choose among the gifts offered by ifood, such as Discounts on Google Ads ads, 10 promotional photos, among others that are shown in the image below.


In addition to the Japanese Snack Bar and Pastry Shop, Garden Marketing Digital has other success stories with Food Service establishments, as well as other areas.
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