ALT Equipamentos Médicos e Odontológico has been part of Garden's client portfolio since August 2018 and in less than 2 months we were able to obtain a success story after the "Outubro Rosa" campaign.

The campaign aimed to encourage customers to buy more " autoclaves ", devices used by establishments to perform sterilization.

We wanted to encourage women's health care during the month of October. In our strategic planning, we developed a campaign in which we offer a freebie when purchasing the product. The results of this campaign were AWESOME and far beyond what was expected.

Our goal was to generate a total of 60 monthly leads, but in less than 1 month we got 388 leads, which means that we exceeded our goal by more than 600%.

As Garden is focused on results, let's open our metrics dashboard so you can view the results obtained. Check it out:


Opportunities and sales data are not possible to be identified as the company has a complex B2B distribution network, but according to Cid, commercial manager, the sales target was exceeded by more than 20%. The result was so evident that ALT Equipamentos decided to double the amount of investment in media, and in addition, they had to expand their plant to meet the high demand.

The Inbound strategic planning adopted by Garden was essential for this successful result. This ranged from defining the Target, Creating a persona, Crafting an audience-focused branding and the October seasonal campaign, using elements and colors that represented the cause.

We adopted a strategy that included:

  • Posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Custom Actions on Instagram Stories

  • Email Marketing Creation

  • Email Automation Flows

  • Landing Pages

  • Sponsored ads on social media

  • Google ADS Campaigns

  • Creation of relevant content

Check out the landing page created HERE

Check out the key image of the "October Pink ALT" campaign

capa face.png

Testimony of the ALT Equipment Manager